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Yoshitaka Amano, Salamander


Yoshitaka Amano, Salamander

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Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there



Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there

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takato yamamoto

takato yamamoto

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Anonymous asked: Why are you so disrespectful? The other anon was just stating an opinion and you had to get get all smart ass. How juvenile.



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"I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes."

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鉄コン筋クリート / Tekkonkinkreet (Tekkon Kinkreet Black & White)

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Taiyō Matsumoto. Tekkon Kinkreet, 1993.

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Because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

And it happens a lot in Berserk.

Been wanting to make a post like this because there seems to be a part of the fandom that truly does not understand the impacts of what has happened to Casca after her rape. While Casca is the most disturbing case, this is not limited to her, as Guts and Griffith both show signs of this.

And here it is:

Rape trauma syndrome (RTS) is a form of psychological trauma experienced by a rape victim that consist of disruptions to normal physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal characteristics…

… RTS describes a cluster of psychological and physical signs, symptoms and reactions common to most rape victims, during, immediately following, and for months or years after a rape.

Some behaviors present after an attack might include: diminished sense, nausea, vomiting, hysteria, obsession with cleanliness, paralyzing anxiety, hypervigilance and paranoia, inability to maintain relationships (including displaying disturbing sexual tendencies, whether being sexually fearful or hyper-sexual), mood swings (feelings of fear to depression to anger and violent outlashes), panic attacks, self-harming, insomnia, flashbacks, and using coping mechanism to deal with trauma (ranging from denying the attack to planning violent revenge fantasies…)…

The behaviors listed above are often observed in the first two stages of RTS: the acute stage and the outer adjustment stage. During the last stage, renormalization, the survivor integrates the sexual assault into their life so that the rape is no longer the central focus of their life. During this stage negative feelings such as guilt and shame become resolved and the survivor no longer blames themselves for the attack.

So maybe people can stop saying that Casca is a blind stinking idiot just for the sake of being difficult in her current state now…?

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27 Pancakes Worth Waking Up For

Breakfast omg

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